October 13, 2009

1. DAY ONE: Can it really be a problem?

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:36 am by dawnfields310

Until today, Tuesday October 13, 2009, I never truly realized how insidious television can be and as Cartman would say “…has warped my fragile little mind”.  There aren’t any signs of physical abuse, and perhaps not even any noticeable psychological ones, but the danger is there my friends and for someone like me who has self control and impulse issues it’s just another thing for me to abuse.  Unfortunately for me it was also the last thing I suspected.

Is it possible that tv has been a HUGE factor in why I haven’t accomplished my goals, fully nurtured my relationships and have basically fallen into financial ruins?

I have a lot of issues including impulse control, self doubt, low self esteem, lack of drive and focus, depression, anxiety, attention deficit and problems with alcohol and gambling (more on that later) but up until now I had always thought these issues were to blame for my tattered life.

It never occurred to me that television might also be a villain who preys upon my dysfunction.  TV had always been my friend, my source of comfort, my calm during the storm, my soft place to land, the one thing in my life that didn’t judge me and I didn’t have to please.  I could always go there any time day or night to find whatever comfort was required. If I needed to laugh, to cry, to learn, try something new, to be entertained, or just do nothing at all (which I did a lot of) it was always there.  What a wonderful and giving world lives inside that little box.


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