October 13, 2009

2. Let's try an experiment….

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:26 pm by dawnfields310

I became consumed with thoughts.  What does this all mean?  How bad of an influence in my life could this possibly be?  Especially considering the weight of all my other weaknesses.  I wanted to rush online and make the payment so the account would be brought current and service immediately restored.  One of my favorite shows was coming on soon and I’d worry about how to cover the payment later.  And I was about to do it, when something stopped me.

What if?  What if the tv were the true source of my dysfunction?  Or at the very least the grossest offender?  It certainly keeps me at home alone for hours and hours on end.  It distracts me from my work and gives me excuse after excuse to not accomplish tasks. I can drink endlessly while watching because it requires nothing of me.

The weaker part of me wanted the tv back and asap.  But the fighter in me knew what had to be done.  I would not restore the service.   I decided it was important for me to conduct a little experiment to see what would happen and how my life would be affected, even if only temporarily, by cutting the cord for at least six months.


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