October 13, 2009

5. Killing time sucks.

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:41 pm by dawnfields310

Well fortunately for me, updating this blog has kept me busy until almost 12:30a.  Weeee!

I’m not quite tired but my shoulders hurt from so much typing.  So I’ll try to go to sleep.  I fell into the habit of drinking a lot of wine before bed because my mind would be racing too much to go to sleep.  But now I’m starting to wonder if the tv had something to do with it.  All those hours of constant input and mental stimulation with no opportunity for output or interaction.  The experiment continues.  I made it through my first day.


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  1. dan said,

    I’ve set out to get rid of tv from my daily life several times over the past decade and remember each time finding it an energizing and positive experience. After a number of days away from tv, I start to feel a distaste for it, as though the social comfort it was providing was superficial, despite that at the time (while gorging on tv) it felt very much something I needed.

    Inevitably, so far, I seem to always fall back to watching tv. As a source of comfort in life. Just googled “how to stop watching tv”, found this blog, and am thinking today might be a good a day as any to “quit again”. If so, I’ve thought to leave a few comments in your archives to compare experiences..

    Day One. The quiet is what is uncomfortable.

    I’ve just turned the tv off. I’ll call to cancel cable tomorrow. It’s too quiet in my apartment. I find myself thinking about life. Does this mean I’ve been avoiding thinking about life all the time while watching tv? The urge to turn the tv back on is clearly there, and in fact, since the day is almost over, perhaps tomorrow is a better time to start.

    I have a feeling it is going to be harder to get up tomorrow morning, knowing that I have the entire day to fill. Fill with what?

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