October 13, 2009

4. Now I'm just plain freaking out.

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:42 pm by dawnfields310

I just finished meeting with a client which filled about an hour and a half, and walked the dog.  Now it’s 9:38p and I’m feeling a little lost.  Normally I would pour a glass of wine, make a quick late night dinner and sit in front of the tv the rest of the night until I drank enough to force me into sleep.

At this point I’m not sure which is a worse problem, my horrendous alcohol habits or the tv.  But one of them has got to go.  Maybe someday, both.  But for now I’ve noticed I’m inclined to drink less because I couldn’t really update my blog and whatever else I end up doing tonight if I keep barreling down wine.  Progress or a false sense of security?   Not sure.  But I know for sure that if I had resigned myself to sitting on the couch all night watching tv, a large bottle of wine would be missing from my fridge in the morning.


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