October 15, 2009

9. Assessing the damage.

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:44 pm by dawnfields310

First of all, let me start by saying I do not think that tv is inherently bad. Kind of like the saying “Guns don’t kill people…”  As a grown woman I have the option to watch or not watch (I think children are a different matter altogether, however), but no one is forcing me or even coercing me to watch.

So this is not about tv bashing.  It’s about personal accountability, responsibility and growth.  This is my issue, my weakness and my problem to solve, and I take full responsibility.

Today I sat down and actually tried to figure out how much tv I watch and how many hours I’ve spent doing it.  Oh, boy.

I’ve now calculated that, at a minimum, I record over (20) half hour sit coms, (20) half and one hour cooking shows, (10) one hour weekly dramas, (10) one hour reality shows, (5) one hour and some two hour poker shows, (20) one hour movies and specials and approx. (20) hours of live tv.  I had been watching over 107 hours of television per week.  And there are only 168 total available hours in a week and that doesn’t account for sleep.

That’s almost three times the national average and is probably still conservative for me.  I’m sickened by this.  Have you ever calculated how much tv you watch?  It’s sobering, so to speak.  And as you can see, I’m not exactly watching CSPAN, so how is this affecting my life?  It’s probably destroying it.


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