October 16, 2009

15. Feeling better.

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:25 pm by dawnfields310

Went to Quiznos.  Burst into tears at the counter.  I had on sunglasses so the cashier didn’t notice.  I pulled it together and pushed on.  Bought a new pair of pants and was excited until I got home to find that they’re too short.  Oh well.  Just venting now.

I’ve been busy in the office for the last 3 hours and haven’t thought about the tv once.  Yay!  Until now.  Damn.   Now I’m thinking about it.  But you know what, I got a lot done and I feel focused.  Days aren’t really that bad, it’s the night time that gets tough.  But I have plenty to do and some plans tonight so I’m anticipating a drama free day.  We’ll see.

Damn, I just realized I missed Flash Forward last night.  I think my friend recorded it though.  Might be time to drop by for a friendly visit.  hehe  Hey, I didn’t say I’d never watch tv again.  I just can’t have it in my house.


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