October 18, 2009

19. DAY SIX: A good day.

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:49 pm by dawnfields310

Well, I am very glad I went to the seminar.  It was very long (8 hours) and they didn’t even provide us with water or adequate breaks.  I’ve never seen anything like that before.  Anyway, like I suspected, I already know most of the material but there were a few gems and it made me feel good about how much I know.  Also, the instructor told us that he knows of some viable avenues for documentary funding, so I’ll definitely follow up on that as two of my three docs need finishing funds.

Afterward I went to a home game to see Steve (my ex boyfriend) and hung out for a while.  I had passed by the Hollywood Strip on my way there and was excited by all the action and wanted to come back.

I played a few hands of cash while Steve finished up his tourney.  When he was done he came to the table and bought in.  But I said, “Hey, wanna get out of here?”  He said “yes” and for the first time in four years I got up from the table voluntarily…and with money and left in the middle of a game to go do something else.  Now that’s progress!  (If you knew me, you’d understand what a big step that is!  LOL)

We walked the strip, had a great dinner and came home and watched “The Proposal” on DVD.  It was so formulaic that Steve swore all night he had seen it before.  A year ago.   LOL


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