November 5, 2009

23. Week Three: Well, well, well…

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:32 pm by dawnfields310

I haven’t been blogging every day because, quite frankly, I haven’t been thinking about tv very much at all.  Yes, I’ve been renting an ass load of movies, but since movies are the business I’m in, it’s turned out to be very beneficial.  It cost me a bit too much, but my addiction demanded that SOMETHING come out of that little black box!  Anyway, it’s refueled my love of cinema and now I’m back in the saddle again with some of my feature film projects.

I’ve started reading scripts again and realize I have a few gems sitting in my inbox.  It’s been way too long, I really need to stay on top of things.  I had over 150 scripts waiting to be read.  Yikes!  That’s what I get for procrastinating.  One of them’s already been made.  Damn.  No more tv, a little less movie watching and more movie reading!  LOL  Also, I need to allot some time to get back to editing my documentary projects.  More on those later.

As  a matter of fact I have to go now because I have a 4:30p phone meeting with a writer in Florida who sent me the cutest little movie script.  I’ll tell you more about it later tonight.


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